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Born in 1992, Vilnius. 2011 finished Vilnius Simonas Daukantas gymnasium. 2011 joined Klaipėda University, Arts faculty, acting studies (course leader – professor Valentinas Masalskis). Since 2012 works at Klaipėda Youth Theatre. Since 2014 works at Apeiron theatre, and also as a freelance actress and performer.


Lithuanian, English, and Russian - fluent
Spanish - intermediate


  • 2010 Dance play „Orlando” (Woman) ,,Gytis Ivanauskas dance theatre”  Based on: Virginia’s Woolf novel „Orlando”, director, choreographer: Gytis Ivanauskas, music by: chamber orchestra „Niko”

  • 2010 Creative project in memoriam of A. Chechov. A. Chechov`s monolouges. ( “Three Sisters” – Irina, “The Cherry Orchard” – Ranevskaya)

  • 2011 Play „ Hedgehog in the Fog” (Hedgehog, Rabbit) Author: Sergey Kozlov, director: Paulius Ignatavičius.  

  • 2011 Music, movement and rhythm play „The Kitchen“ ( Stoic, Mother, Child, Tribe Woman) Director and author: prof. Valentinas Masalskis

  • 2011 Play for the children “The War Of Mushrooms” (Brownie, Russule) Author: Justinas Marcinkevičius, director: prof. Valentinas Masalskis

  • 2011 A Mystery “Behind The Line” (Wild woman, Witch) director: prof. Valentinas Masalskis

  • 2011 Rhythmic street play  “The New” (The Musician)
    director: prof. Valentinas Masalskis

  • 2012 Play for adults “Dormitory Of Poultry” (role C - Careless)
    Playwright: Mindaugas Nastaravičius, director: prof. Valentinas Masalskis

  • 2012 Oratorio „The City and the People” (Castle site landlord, Bishop’s assistant) Director: prof. Gytis Padegimas, composer: prof. Giedrius Kuprevičius

  • 2012 Rhythmic play “Musical Greeting In The Old Town” (The Musician) Director: prof. Valentinas Masalskis, compositor: Nijolė Sinkevičiūtė

  • 2012 Play „Conflicts“ ( Wife, Sick woman, Daughter)
    Dramatic composition: Mindaugas Nastaravičius, director: prof. Valentinas Masalskis,

  • 2013 Play „The Shoes” ( Street dancer, Violinist, Soldier, Clown, Flamenco dancer) Director: prof. Valentinas Masalskis, composer: Nijolė Sinkevičiūtė

  • 2013 J. Tertelis "Goodbye, idiots" dir. V. Masalskis Klaipėda Youth Theatre (Member of commission);

  • 2013 play ,,The Seagul” (Nina Zarečnaja) (play made at the international acting workshops ,,Lee Strasberg. Discover The Method with Lola Cohen”) Author: Anton Chekhov, director: Lola Cohen

  • 2014 anti – opera ,,Lesson“ (The Maid) Author: Eugene Ionesco, composer: Giedrius Kuprevičius, set designer: Renata Valčik

  • 2014  play ,,Sensation” (Eglė) Author and director: Laura Jackevičiūtė, composer: Andrius Telksnys

  • 2014  dance and visual art event ,,The costumes of the Baltic tribes” (Lithuanian tribe woman) (Director and choreographer: Agnija Šeiko)

  • 2014 senses theatre performance ,,Stone water sting” Director: Karolina Žernytė, set designer: Eglė Lekevičiūtė, consultant: Kristupas Sabolius

  • 2015 spektaklis ,,Anti - show. What’s left after God?” (Mother of Pinokio,  self - murderer) Author: creative group, directors: Greta Kazlauskaitė ir Eglė Kazickaitė

  • 2015 play ,,Silence in the Egg” (Soul) Author: creative group, director: Eglė Kazickaitė

  • 2015 play ,,God of Carnage“ (Annette) Author: Yasmina Reza, director: Marius Pažereckas

  • 2015 ,,Mammal passage“ (Existential clown - devil) Author: creative group, director: Greta Kazlauskaitė

  • 2015 play ,,The Ice“ (Alia Nikolajeva; Lida) Director: Paulius Ignatavičius, set designer: Neli Ivančik, light designer: Julius Kuršys

  • 2015 "The Loyals" dir. G. Kazlauskaitė, Apeiron theatre (The Loyal - Liusi); 

  • 2015 ,,Medea for chidren“ (Actress, Nannie) director: Olga Lapina

  • 2016 play ,,Psiche“ (Investigator, Remand, Clown, Apparition of Gertrude, Polonius, Hamlet‘s Father) Apeiron theatre. Author: creative group, dir: Eglė Kazickaitė and Greta Kazlauskaitė

  • 2016 dance performance ,,Faust“ (Mefistofel suite) choreography: Taurūnas Baužas, director: Evelina Lozdovskaja, composer: Jonas Raudonius

  • 2016 fairytales ,,Horrors“ (Fairy) Author: lithuanian folk, directors: Eglė Kazickaitė and Greta Kazlauskaitė, costumes: Pelkių Tyla

  • 2016 ,,Necrosis“ (Monosophia) Author: Greta Kazlauskaitė, directors: Greta Kazlauskaitė and Eglė Kazickaitė

  • 2017 ,,Descendant“ (Descendant, Snake, Higher level of consciousness, Forsas)  director: Eglė Kazickaitė

  • 2017 Gliukai theatre performance ,,Little beetles and flies do not think about death“ (The death) dir: Benas Šarka

  • 2017,,Paskutinį kartą atnaujinta“ (Number 4) Dir.: Živilė Mičiulytė, Klaipėda Youth Theatre

  • 2018 ,, Tvam asi“ (The dancer) dir.: Benas Šarka

  • 2018 Šeiko dance company performance ,,Louise in Memel“ (Queen Louise)

  • 2018 ,,Stabat mater“ ( The daughter) dir.: Eglė Kazickaitė

  • 2018 ,,Who‘s against us“ (russian aristocrat, countess Natali de Golubeff), dir.: Jonas Vaitkus

  • 2018 monoplay ,,I, Fojerbach“ (Fojerbach), Oskaras Koršunovas Vilnius city theatre production, dir.: Lina Židonytė

  • 2019 performance ,,Journey“ (The godess of love Milda) (dir.: Riccardo Brunetti and Emanuele Nargi)

  • 2019 performance with Nora Ray in ,,Virus“ festival ,,Solitaire Solitaire“ (A lonely being) dir.: Kristina Švenčionytė, Nora Ray

  • 2020 curation of the performances of Evaldas Jansas museum, performances with E. Jansas ,,In my own juice“, ,,Apropriating another“, ,,XV station“, ,,Pieta“, a show in ,,ArtVilnius‘20“

  • 2020 performative readings of  letters by Frida Kahlo (Frida)

  • 2020 Cycle of performative readings of dada poetry ,,singing degenerate“ (based on dadaist Pranas Morkūnas poetry)

  • 2020 virtual performance ,,Vagina‘s story“ (Vagina)

  • 2021 Physical theatra play "Pykšt pokšt tratata" (Leading role) 

  • 2021 Performance "There is only now and now and now" (based on P. Handke 'Offending the audience")

  • 2022 Performance "Inverted profile" ( Shown at 'Paviljonas') 

  • 2022 Performance "On duty" 

  • 2022 Sound performance "The sea" with Sonata Zuboviene and Rokas Zubovas

  • 2022 Sound performance "Sea K" 

  • 2022 Theatre play "Lurking in the dark" 

  • 2022 Reading "Dream Lottery" 

  • 2022  Performance "Demo Versio"

  • 2023 International Group Installation "EiTiET" 

  • 2023 Performance "Electricity" Working together with Hotel Pro Forma, Shown at SMK National Danish Museum


  • 2013 ,,The Noisemaker“ (Young teacher)

  • Director: Karolis Kaupinis

  • 2019 ,,The System" (Aldutė) Dir.: Arūnas Eimulis, Tomas Jašinskas

  • 2019 ,,And All Their Man" (Linas lover) Dir.: Donatas Ulvydas

  • 2019 ,,The Feast“ (The Vampire) Dir.: Jorūnė Greičiūtė

  • 2019  superhero film ,,Cakt!“ (Kristina - Voltage)  Dir.: Vytautas Adomaitis

  • 2021 ,,Runner“ (Eglė) Dir.: Andrius Blaževičius


  • 2010  I place in A. Čechov monologue competition;

  • 2015 Dalia Tamulevičiūtė award to creative group of the performance ,,Stone water sting“;

  • 2015 nomination of Golden scene cross for performance ,,Stone water sting“

  • 2015 Kaunas festival ,,Lithuanian theater spring – Kaunas 2015“ award for Apeiron theater creative group for an original work;

  • 2017 Gratitude mask to Apeiron theater creative group for performances ,,Psiche“, ,,Mammal Passage“, ,,Nekrosis“;

  • 2019 ,,Odisėja72“ award for the most original film (,,Cakt!“) of the festival


  • 2008-2011 Organizing and hosting events in Vilnius Simonas Daukantas gymnasium

  • 2008-2011 Organizing and hosting events in memoriam of  maestro Vytautas Kernagis

  • 2009-2011 playing in TV show – series „Gymnasiums” (Student, Teacher), writing texts

  • 2009-2011 Yamaha musical school

  • 2009-2011 Organizing and hosting events in Yamaha musical school

  • 2010 Organizing and hosting choreography lessons in Simonas Daukantas gymnasium

  • 2010 Creative work conference in LR parlament. Theatrical miniature „Road to freedom. Story of a family.”

  • 2011 Organizing and hosting events in creative works exposition „Games” (gallery „Verdenė”)

  • 2012; 2013  Organizing and participating in an art provocation in Klaipėda`s old town market „Night at the Market“

  • 2013; 2014   Organising a fest for mother‘s day ,,A dish for yourmother“

  • 2013;  2014; 2015  Organising a fest ,,Young theatre days“

  • 2013   International acting workshops in Melikhov,,Lee Strasberg. Discover

  • The Method with Lola Cohen“

  • 2013   hosting event ,,Švyturys Midsummer night regate“

  • 2014; 2015; 2016 hosting event ,,Švyturys Klaipėda future scholarship“

  • 2014    organising Lithuanian Song Celebration Theatre day (Dir. Valentinas Masalskis)

  • 2014    participating at Apeiron theatre season opening ,,Sambrėškis”

  • 2016   hosting Georgia nacional song and dance ensemble performance

  • 2016m. hosting and moderating Kęstas Meškys artistic evening

  • 2016m.- Cinema club ,,8 ½“ honorary member and active participator

  • 2017m. hosting auction of gallery,,Bridge of Arts“ in Vilnius Town Hall

  • 2017m. participating in  fest ,,Young theatre days“

  • 2017m. hosting charity event for Vydunas sculpture in Klaipėda

  • 2017m. organising and moderating discussion in Klaipėda Drama Theater,, Actor in Lithuanian Theatre and Cinema“

  • 2017 - 2019  - teaching theater in Klaipėda liceum; organising and hosting events

  • from 2016 – voiceovering films and advertisements

  • 2018 – organising and hosting private, cultural events

  • 2019 – participating in an international immersive theatre workshops ,,Terre – moto“ with italian lecturers, dicectors and actors

  • 2019 – co-authoring and participating in the project ,,Fading sofa“

  • 2020 – voiceovering for Nazim Hikmet ans Pranas Morkūnas poetry at LRT radio

  • 2020 – participating in the conference ,,Born in freedom“ at National M.Mažvydas library

  • 2020 – virtual readings ,,Poetry of rebels“ (Lithuanian Writers Union page/ social media)

  • 2020 – virtual readings + interview ,,Poetry and acting“ in the podcast ,,Rašytnamis“ ( ,,Writers house“)

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