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Kristina Švenčionytė – actress, performance creator and performer, master of sculpture studies. The artist combines the skills acquired in the theatre and visual expression, and delves into audiovisual creation, the acoustic expression of text, sound and image harmony. The main themes of the creator are self-knowledge through the other, society-individual relationship, alienation, and distance arising between the system and the person, between the person and the person. The creator questions the (im)possibility of communication, themes of loneliness in a crowd, and loneliness in solitude. In this world full of programmed actions that we perform, is it possible to sincerely act for another and communicate? How important is the (absence) of an individual to society? How much do we really matter to each other? What is collusion? What is loneliness, why is it experienced? What is distance and why does it occur? The author examines the power of tension between the viewer and the performer, combining visual creation and the acoustic expression of the text. The creator of performances and installations creates a direct connection with the viewer, asks uncomfortable questions to the audience, provokes direct eye contact, and multifacetedly awakens and irritates the viewer's senses. Kristina Švenčionytė creates an intimate atmosphere between herself and the viewer, using moments of surprise and discomfort, and pauses, thus destroying the distance between the creator and the audience, forcing them to get as close as possible to each other. The author uses hand-made sculptures and installations in her work, thus creating a new, often surreal, dreamlike space for the viewer. Also, Kristina uses her own texts in her works and voices them. By combining video and sound elements, the author creates a deep, atmospheric experience for the viewer, where he has the opportunity to feel exceptionally visible, important, and provoked.

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