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This is the artist's first performance as a student of the master's study program in contemporary sculpture at the Vilnius Academy of Arts. During it, text and image were combined, sound modulations were performed. The performance featured a live projection, during which the viewer had the opportunity to observe himself, the observer was also observed by K. Švenčionytė's plaster portrait of Mr. Handkė, and the text was spoken live and through a microphone. The performance is based on Peter Handkė's play "The Outpouring of the Audience". During this performance, the viewer becomes the main character, a friend and a living, moving ornament. The performance questions the definition and boundaries of the roles of the artist and the viewer, as if turning a mirror to the viewer, his own life, the viewer himself becomes the subject. During the performance, the audience is filmed and broadcast for themselves. P. Handke's text here sounds directly addressed to the audience; there is no ramp, no stage, no barrier, no border. Creator and performer - K. Švenčionytė, sound designer - Kotryna Kvedarytė, video technician - Nidas Kaniušas

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