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"The Line of Memory"

is my most sensitive and personal work. I write about it in the first person because if I did otherwise I feel I would be lying. This piece is about a line that connects:
a person who studied at the sculpture department of the Vilnius Academy of Arts from 1985 to 1991 and a person who studied at the sculpture department of the Vilnius Academy of Arts from 2021 to 2023;
a person who is a woman and a person who is a man;
a person who is a child and a person who is her father;
the person who knew then and the person who knows now;
the fear of forgetting and the horror of remembering;
the ease of forgetting and the joy of remembering;
the darkness of loss and the light in which one believes;
trauma and liberation;
acceptance and reconciliation;
the past, the future and the present.
After a small crack, it will all be a bright memory in the mist. Now you are the youngest you will ever be.
"The Line of Memory" is a performative installation that I dedicate to my dad. He left this world a few months ago. I realised that my final thesis for my MA in Sculpture at the VDA was not going to be what I had planned. Because the theme I was working on: the power of the other, came to the most painful and sensitive.
He graduated from the sculpture department of the Vilnius Academy of Arts in 1991. His past, his stories, his adventures, his photographs, his music, his drawings. And his encouragement to keep going. That is why I dared to talk about this bond, the deepest and most sensitive bond between myself and the other, because to talk about any other kind of bond would be lying and insincere. When I talk about this connection, I am looking for it with another other, with someone who is also in a connection or in search of it.
The work consists of several segments:
drums, which I associate with my dad because he used to play them, mixed with electronic music;
a dream that I experienced and the modulations that were created;
examples of academic drawing, merging with contemporary sculpture of today;
and what happens in between.
The atmosphere is created by Kristina Švenčionytė, Arnoldas Švenčionis, Kristupas Gikas, Dominykas Snarskis.

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