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Performance - installation "Inverted profile" is a work that talks about the inverted, hidden, invisible side of a person, debunking demonstrative, artificial, but often worn facade masks. In the age of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks, it has become common to see polished, beautiful images, charming places, and people, masking your "reverse" side, in the accounts and profiles of these networks. The problems of "fast age" - anxiety, fear, feeling of inadequacy, and self-esteem crises have become even more obvious and tangible, but they are often hidden. These problems became even more acute and frequent after the start of the war in Ukraine. The work also talks about turning to the "other", seeing oneself through him, and moving away from the endless boasting and boasting characteristic of this time. The work"Inverted Profile" consists of three segments that create an impressive audiovisual impression. This is the author's self-portrait, recorded text and a living moving body. All three segments interact and complement each other, revealing the feeling of "injection", otherness, and unknowability. The visual object is a self-portrait covered with shards of a broken mirror. The portrait covered with combs creates the impression of a vulnerable, fragile, breaking person, the only detail not covered with combs is the man's screaming mouth. It symbolizes inner anxiety, desperation, and suppressed helplessness. The shards of the mirror reflecting the environment and other people remind us of the important moment of looking at the "other". In the text that sounds during the performance, the two states of consciousness and subconsciousness are mixed, thus creating a feeling of wandering between "real-false", a dreamlike atmosphere that exists between reality and fiction. The recorded text is said softly, and slowly, creating an intimate, somewhat hypnotic relationship with the viewer. The performance was shown at: "Pavilion" (Pylimo 21B, Vilnius) and in the space of Vilnius Lukiškiu Prison Premiere: 2022

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