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Is a new, experimental artwork about how man in the 19th century tried to understand and control the phenomenon of electricity – a story about how electricity was developed and tamed, about how it changed people, our culture, and the world, and today has the greatest impact on how to remedy global climate change.

Electricity is staged in the collection Danish and Nordic Art 1750-1900 at the National Gallery of Denmark. The museum houses the country’s largest collection of art from the period which in Denmark is characterized the Golden Age and the modern breakthrough. Electricity unfolds in the collection’s halls, is reflected in the works and sheds new light on this era. The phenomenon of electricity is defined in living tableaux, which include performance, new composed music, visual arts, song, lighting design, sound design, reading, apparatus, scientific instruments and demonstrations of experiments.

Electricity affects both the pictorial, the scientific as well as the philosophical and cultural basis of the historical development of the phenomenon.

Hotel Pro Forma and Kirsten Dehlholm have previously investigated natural scientific phenomena, among other things, in KOSMOS+ (2014) – A Big Bang performance about the wonders of the universe and NeoArctic (2016) about human disturbance of the ecosystem and how this causes unintended changes on earth, including climate change.

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