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Performances with Ben are always more associative than narrative, so there is no single clear story here. In the performance, we played, sang, and danced, and accordionist Edmundas Gylys played. It was a ritual of life and death feast.

From feedback and reviews about the performance:

"Death, says Ben Sharka, is nothing, and life is nothing - the very beginning. Death is near all the time, through the outstretched hand, over the left shoulder. Feel her breath. We kill ourselves, and the whole process of life is in you. Death is to be loved, not feared. Finally, Ben Šarka says - only lovers will survive. And then he calls Klaipėda Youth Theater actress Kristina Švenčionytė for a deadly tango number. And she created, perhaps, the proudest, most beautiful and most erotic Mirti in the entire history of Lithuanian theatre. Death - Kristina Švenčionytė, Musician - Edmundas Gylys and Benas Šarka - the three poles of this performance. They are beetles and flies, and death. <...> Three actors, three bodies, several tens of spectators, breathing in one rhythm, humidity and cold, naked bodies of the actors, melodious and sensual accordion music to the point of madness, to ecstasy, two equal opponents - Woman and Man. Both crucified and measuring the nimbus of the saints." (Ingrida Ragelskienė. 7 days of art)

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